Improving Success Rate in Cementing Operations, why does it matter?

Have failing cementing operations ever created frustrating and expensive down time for your rig? Or have you even been responsible for leading that failed cementing operation?

What if I told you that there was a simpler, yet cost effective and proven way to increase your success rates to over 97%?

This article ventures into the depths of the sea and equips you with the knowledge you need to do just that.­­

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How much cost can you save when setting off-bottom cement plugs?

Did you know that there might be a cost difference at nearly 300.000 USD between selecting the least cost efficient technology for setting one single off-bottom cement plug, compared to the most cost effective choice?

That is equivalent to a 50-60 percent cost reduction. How is that possible?

The purpose of this article is to invite you to gain insight into, and reflect on these experiences and estimates.

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How to reduce the cost of Balanced Off-Bottom Cement Plugs?

Plugging oil wells is a very common operation. Certain tasks regarding cement plugs are considered being straightforward, but setting cement plugs off-bottom is more of a challenge and a costly one too.

How can you save time and money by setting successful balanced cement plugs at first attempt?

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6 causes for contaminated cement (and how to avoid them)


When a cement plug is placed off-bottom in a wellbore, it is quite common that it is not found where it is expected. And even if it is, the cement plug is often too soft or fails to provide a hydraulic seal. Normally, this is due to contamination of the cement - aka 'green cement'. There can be several reasons to why cement plugs becomes contaminated.

As a driller or cementing professional, you know that it will not be possible to kick off from a contaminated plug.

Let's look at some common causes of this and how you can avoid failure in the first place.

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Setting Off-Bottom Cement Plugs: What is your Success Rate?


To set balanced off-bottom cement plugs can be one of the most unpredictable and time consuming operations in both drilling and P&A. Setting these kind of cement plugs also represent a considerable cost component.

Among all types of cementing jobs, the setting of balanced off-bottom cement plugs is particularly challenging.

How do you measure the success rate for your cement plugs?

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Welcome to The Cement Plug Blog

Perigon is proud to introduce you to The Cement Plug Blog. Our bold ambition is to develop this blog into becoming a trusted source of knowledge for Drilling Engineers, Cementers and other drilling professionals in the global oil and gas industry.

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