Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Why is it challenging?

The core problem: To achieve proper support of the cement at first attempt

Common causes of plug failure:

  • Downward movement of the cement slurry
  • Poor well evaluation
  • Poor mud removal
  • Insufficient cement slurry volume
Cement moving downwards

This is your solution

A mechanical base for the cement: The Cement Support Tool (CST).Learn more: Cement Support Tool (CST)

Ready to Run

No Rental Tools

No Extra Personnel

No Training Required to Run

Reduces Contamination


Multiple CSTs and Plugs In One Trip

Helicopter Transportable

This is how the CST works

Watch the 3 minute-video: 

Ready for the details?

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Learn more: The Cement Support Tool (CST)


Applications of the CST world-wide

Perigon CST Applications World Wide


"Using Perigon's Cement Support Tool (CST) has increased the success rate to 100 % when setting balanced P&A plugs and balanced kick off plugs for Total E&P in Norway. The CST has been widely used both in open hole and cased hole applications. It has also recently been used to set cement plugs to combat subsurface losses."
Eirik Jøntvedt

Eirik Jøntvedt, Sr. Fluids Engineer Total E&P Norge AS

"The development of the Cement Support Tool (CST) was done together with Equinor and to date we are still an active user of the tool."



13. April 2018 Equinor

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