CleanPipe is designed to wipe the inside of a drill pipe, work string, or casing, during tripping out of hole. When ready to pull out of hole with the work string, simply slug the pipe and drop the CleanPipe tool inside.

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The technology can wipe the inside of drill pipes, work strings, or casings so that it is dry internally when connections are broken at the rig floor. The wiper tool is dropped inside the string when ready to pull out of hole. The tool floats on top of the fluid column until it lands in a pre-defined position in the string. If a well situation occurs you can start pumping immediately, breaking a rupture disc in the tool and pump pass the tool. It happened once for a North Sea operator and they circulated for 18 hours.


Here are some of the benefits of using CleanPipe:

  • Way less mess on the rig floor related to HSE
          - Less work in red zone
          - Lower risk of accidents
          - Reduce time spent cleaning rig floor
  • Reduced mud cost as the mud stays in the hole
  • Heavily reduced slop volume
  • Increased drill pipe lifetime
  • Potentially reduced drift operations
  • No dried mud particles inside the DP


The CleanPipe technology is well proven and wipes more than 95% of the mud.

  • Estimated residual fluid for 5 ½” drill pipe is 120 liter /  31 gallons per 1000 feet.
  • Estimated residual fluid for 4" drill pipe is 85 liter /  22 gallons per 1000 feet.

CleanPipe for Drill Pipes product sheet:


Click to Download  Product sheet for CleanPipe Drill pipes

CleanPipe for Casings product sheet:


Click to Download  Product sheet for CleanPipe Casings

Watch the CleanPipe effect:



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