Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Why is this a challenge?

The core problem: A dirty work area on the rig floor due to mud internally in drill strings and casings.

What are the risks?

  • There is lots of spill when pulling out of hole
  • The drill floor becomes messy and slippery
  • The spill results in unnecessary work in red zone
  • Creates large amount of slop
CleanPipe product by Perigon for internal wiping of drill strings

This is your solution

An internal wiper for drill pipes, work strings and casings: CleanPipe.

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Ready to run

No training required to run

No extra personnel

Reduces risk of accidents

Reduces slop volume

Drifts pipe

Decreases wear on drill pipes and threads

No operational risks added

Watch the CleanPipe effect:

Ready for the details?

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"The tool’s wiper system eliminates virtually all residual fluids from the inside of the drill string while tripping out of the hole thus not only saving costs on lost fluids, but also keeping the rig floor work area clean and a safe environment free from slipping and falling for the floor crew workers. The wear on the wipers has been almost zero. All things considered, these tools are a valuable and very welcome piece of equipment in our operation."

Rig foreman in the Middle East

“We are very happy with the internal wiper. Pictures below shows ALL mud spill after pulling 4888 ft DP. I would estimate 95 % less mud spill now, and positive HSE consequences.”



Drilling Superintendent in the North Sea

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